Explore the Campus

Getting to Manhattanville

The campus spans west from Broadway to 12th Avenue, and north from 125th Street to 134th Street. The campus encompasses more than 17 acres with publicly accessible open space, tree-lined sidewalks and innovative buildings whose very transparency encourages shared knowledge and social engagement.

The campus is easily accessible via public transportation. Take the 1 train to 125th Street and arrive just steps away from the gateway to the campus, The Forum. You can also take the ABCD trains to 125th Street and walk 10 minutes to campus. 

The University also offers a Community Shuttle for qualifying individuals which utilizes a number of routes, including the Manhattanville Loop, also available for University Affiliates.

A core value of both the Manhattanville campus plan and the design of each new building is environmental sustainability, and there's a commitment to maximizing energy efficiency, limiting carbon emissions and creating pedestrian-friendly spaces. Learn more about sustainability on the new Manhattanville campus