Meet the 24 New Members of Columbia's Community Advisory Council

These members are getting to work on Columbia's Community Advisory Council, which launched this spring. 

Kelly Moffitt-Hawasly
June 28, 2022

In March, Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger announced the creation of the Columbia Community Advisory Council, a new effort to support and expand partnerships and programs with community leaders and organizations in Harlem and Upper Manhattan. Later that month, Neighbors introduced you to the four co-chairs of the council

In May, the Columbia Community Advisory Council met for the first time and introduced 20 new members, alongside the four co-chairs. Below, hear from two new members on why they are excited about the work and find the whole list of members. 

Kellie Jones

Kellie E. Jones

Hans Hofmann Professor of Modern Art and Professor of African American and African Diaspora Studies, Chair Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, Art History, and Archaeology

“The Columbia University Community Advisory Council emphasizes education in the broadest sense. We are tasked with offering university resources (whether material, pedagogical, or otherwise) to our neighborhood and city.  At the same time, the council provides a framework through which we can learn from those outside our own halls. I like the idea of approaching this endeavor through the lens of reciprocity.”

Sam Sia

Samuel K. Sia

Vice Provost for the Fourth Purpose and Strategic Impact; Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Office of the Provost

"There is so much meaningful work our faculty and students are already doing with the Upper Manhattan community. By building on this work alongside our community partners, this council can build a process by which Columbia's research and innovation find a pathway to making a positive impact on our neighbors."  

Scroll through the names and bios of the other 18 members of the council, alongside the four co-chairs.

Wondering how you can get involved? Learn more and sign up for information about the Columbia Community Network, which is designed to strategically connect the communities surrounding Columbia with the university’s public-facing programs and initiatives to benefit low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged communities.

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