How Manhattanville Residents Can Access Free Housing and Legal Services

Learn how to receive housing legal assistance from attorneys available through P.A.L.A.N.T.E. Harlem. 

June 04, 2024

Are you a Manhattanville resident in need of legal aid to prevent an eviction, preserve affordable housing, or address safety hazards in your residence?

Columbia University has contracted with P.A.L.A.N.T.E. Harlem to provide two attorneys to work on anti-eviction and anti-harassment legal assistance for residents of the Manhattanville area.

Attorneys can help residents: 

  • Remain in their apartments
  • Overturn illegal rent increases
  • Identify unhealthy conditions
  • File housing code violations 
  • Present findings with landlord and engage them in renovations

Manhattanville tenants seeking legal assistance from P.A.L.A.N.T.E. can begin the process two ways: 

Reach out directly to P.A.L.A.N.T.E. Harlem

Call (212) 491-2541 for a brief phone intake to discuss concerns with a housing specialist. 

After intake, P.A.L.A.N.T.E. will set up an appointment for the tenant to meet with an attorney and discuss their case at length. 

Tenants should bring necessary documents to their meeting. This may include rent registration history, lease or proprietary lease, and court documents (if already court-involved). 

Visit the Community Board 9 Office 

P.A.L.A.N.T.E. is present at Community Board 9’s office every first Thursday of the month from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Residents can meet one-on-one with an attorney—no appointment required—but are encouraged to bring documentation on first visit. 

A follow-up appointment will be set with P.A.L.A.N.T.E. to discuss the case at length. 

Learn more about Columbia University’s community commitments at

Know someone who needs assistance? Download and share this informational graphic below (available in both English and Spanish). 

Housing infographic in english.
Housing infographic in spanish.

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