Columbia Community Service Launches 75th Annual Appeal

CCS celebrates a history of 75 years of giving to Harlem and Morningside Heights and is now focused on supporting organizations that provide food relief, education, and vital social services.

Bashar Makhay
October 26, 2021

Columbia Community Service (CCS) began in 1946, when a small group of female faculty members and civically engaged women sent a letter to all Columbia faculty and staff asking for contributions to social service organizations and charities that were helping families and communities navigate the challenges of the post-World War II period.

The work of CCS continues and today, the presidents of Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College sent a message to the university community announcing the launch of the 75th Annual Appeal, which once again encourages the thousands of employees and retirees across Columbia to donate to Columbia Community Service. 

At the end of the last fundraising effort, CCS donated $300,000 in grants to 52 local organizations. The funds went directly to groups providing meals as well as health and social services to the elderly and other people in need. They also went to programs offering literacy and other K-12 educational support, with a focus on STEM and the arts. Through the generosity of donors, the CCS Food Relief Project gave an additional $83,000 to organizations fighting food insecurity.

Visit the Columbia Community Service website to learn more about its work in Harlem and Morningside Heights.