Community Scholar John Reddick Shares Harlem History with Marcus Samuelsson

Maggie Barrows
May 29, 2020

On the May 27th episode of the BBC podcast series New York Stories with Joe Pascal, Columbia Community Scholar and cultural historian of Harlem, John T. Reddick, gave Pascal and Chef Marcus Samuelsson a tour of the Harlem. As a Columbia Community Scholar, Reddick worked on a project about Harlem's Black and Jewish music culture from 1890 to 1930. Reddick applied his knowledge of Harlem’s culture and architecture towards work he has done with Heritage Health & Housing: Heritage Heights Village Business Improvement, the Apollo Theater, Harlem One Stop, and more.

Listen to the episode.

The Community Scholars Program at Columbia University is designed to offer independent, community-based scholars from Northern Manhattan access to a suite of Columbia University services and resources that allow them to work toward the completion of a particular project or to attain skill in a particular area. The program helps to foster and deepen ties between the University and the many independent members of the cultural and intellectual community surrounding it.