9th Annual Morningside Lights, Held Virtually, Was Inspired by 'Harlem Night Song'

Editor's note:

This information originally appeared on the Morningside Lights website.

November 04, 2020

During fall 2020, Morningside Lights returned, inspired by Langston Hughes’ 1926 poem Harlem Night Song, for a virtual celebration and a digitally-linked collection of home-built lanterns.

Since Morningside Lights first set off through the park nine years ago, its core mission has been to bring people together in a shared act of artistic expression. And while this year was different in application, the common bond remained the same.

Together, while apart, participants assembled text, images, and voices in sequence to create a shared piece of art, allowing the lanterns to illuminate Hughes’ poem and embody its spirit of togetherness in dark times.

Morningside Lights is led by the directors of Processional Arts Workshop, Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles, and produced by Columbia University's Arts Initiative and Miller Theatre.