Things to Do in Manhattanville

Manhattanville is a vibrant area of New York that offers the public a chance to embrace both history and transformation. Check out these landmarks the next time you make the trip to Manhattanville, and visit our Shop and Dine Local Directory for locally-owned restaurants, stores, and other businesses. 

An art display at Columbia's Wallach Art Gallery.
The Wallach Art Gallery

The Wallach Art Gallery is Columbia University's unique art collection nestled in the Lenfest Center for the Arts. It is the University's center for collaboration with world-class museums, student showcases, and Harlem's thriving art community. 

West Harlem piers park in Manhattanville
West Harlem Piers Park

West Harlem’s very own waterfront pier that spans from 125th to 135th streets along the Hudson River. Take your fishing rod, bring your laptop to enjoy free Wi-Fi, or simply immerse yourself in the views.


Harlem's Cotton Club
Cotton Club

Stop by the historic jazz club where the greatest African American blues and jazz musicians once played. The venue still has shows that run several days throughout the week. Even if you don’t happen to make it inside, you can take a photo in front of the iconic sign.

The 12th Avenue viaduct at West 125th Street. (Noonan, Jeanne Freelance NYDN)
Harlem Viaduct Arches

Visit the famous backdrop to many movies and shows and envision yourself in a scene of your own. The viaduct arches, starting at 125th Street on 12th Avenue, are an iconic destination in West Harlem and New York City. 

Riverbank state park
Riverbank State Park

Opportunities for fun are endless in this state park. There is ice skating in the winter, roller skating in the spring and summer, and a year-round track. Sports and activities include everything from swimming to tennis. 

Community Board 9 meets for their General Meeting at The Forum in Manhattanville.
Community Board 9 meets for their General Meeting at The Forum in Manhattanville. Photo credit: Lynn Saville
The Forum

Looking for a place to meet with friends, hang out, or get some work done? The Forum's ground floor Atrium is a gathering space open to the public seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (except University holidays).