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Global Weirding, Climate Breakdown, and the Future of Nature

October 25, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Interchurch Center Sockman Lounge: 61 Claremont Ave (Room #540)

Join Incite at Columbia University for a talk by Adam Welz on his new book, "The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown."

The stories we tell about climate change tend to center humans as they adapt to face storms, fires, droughts, and rising sea levels. However, the most powerful impacts are being felt by the natural world and its countless species, whose adaptive capacities are reaching their limits.

In his new book, The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown, South African writer, photographer, and nature conservation consultant Adam Welz explores climate change from the perspective of wild species and natural ecosystems. Combining classic natural history, firsthand reportage, and insights from cutting-edge research, Welz brings us close to creatures like moose in northern Maine, parrots in Puerto Rico, cheetahs in Namibia, and rare fish in Australia as they struggle to survive. The stories are intimate yet expansive and always dramatic.

In a talk sponsored by Incite at Columbia University, Welz will introduce us to this work, which has been described by Elizabeth Kolbert as “at once an elegy and an exhortation”, by Bill McKibben as “celebratory and heartbreaking", and by The New York Times as a window onto a “reorienting, troubling beauty.” Moreover, Welz will introduce us to global weirding, climate doomism (and how to get through it), ways of rethinking conservation, co-production of conservation knowledge beyond experts, and the myriad species that bring his work to life.

Limited availability. Registration required.

Adam Welz is a South African writer, photographer and nature conservation consultant and author of the just-published book The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown. He lives in Cape Town with his wife, Sarah, and their triplet daughters.

Incite is an interdisciplinary institute at Columbia University. Our mission is to create knowledge for public action—to catalyze conversations that lead to more just, equitable, and democratic societies

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