Past Event

CPR and life-saving skills training for Community School District 6

February 10, 2024
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
P.S. 048 P.O. Michael J. Buczek, 4360-78 Broadway, New York, NY 10033

Join experts from NewYork-Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Center to learn hands-only CPR, AED use, and other lifesaving skills. All participants receive a freeCPR Training Kit to practice and teach others. Sesión en ingles y español.


In Collaboration with Community School District 6:

Parent Coordinators and PTA Presidents

Office of the Superintendent - Rebecca Alicea, Family Leadership Coordinator and Cha-Nai Dent, Family Support Coordinator

Host: PS 048 Michael J. Buczek, Principal Camilo Mejia

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Office of Community Service Programs