Manhattanville Course Auditing and Lifelong Learners Program

A view of the Columbia Alma Mater statue from behind, looking out over College Walk and Butler Library.

The Manhattanville Course Auditing and Lifelong Learners Program provides adults not currently enrolled in college with the opportunity to attend selected lectures from the University’s offerings in the Arts and Sciences during the academic year at no cost, and is available to the residents of the Manhattanville and Grant Houses, and the local Manhattanville community.

Auditors are encouraged to attend class and to keep up with the reading. No examinations or papers are required, no grade is assigned, and no credit is granted for course completion.

Auditors are silent participants in class and may join in discussions only at the discretion of the instructor.

Auditors may not concurrently enroll in courses for credit. Audited courses may not be repeated for credit. Foreign language and literature courses are not open to auditors, nor are courses offered during the summer session.

Informational Flyer