Engineering Speaks

Young students in matching white shirts smiling and laughing with an adult engineer standing behind them and laughing.

Engineering Speaks gives scientists the opportunity to speak directly to students in neighborhood schools. Typically engineers tell a “life story” and explain how they have ended up where they are. Speakers talk about passions, education, current work, etc. Students usually prepare questions and engage directly with speakers. It is possible, although optional, to do a PowerPoint presentation with the talk. Groups range from a single class of about 20-30 students to large groups of about 200 and are always supervised by school personnel. Talks are scheduled during the school day, typically between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and last roughly an hour. Talks are conducted on site at the school, which are mostly located in northern Manhattan and the Bronx and the Director of Outreach accompanies the speaker to the school.