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Thriving Online | Where to Write On the Web: a Conversation with The Conversation

September 21, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
For sustainability-focused scientists and scholars trying to make a difference in the noisy online communication environment, a first question is where to hang one's hat. There are hundreds of options, thousands really. One effective platform that appears to be around for the long haul is The Conversation. In many ways, this source of informed commentary and analysis is a free-floating op-ed section, with essays and analysis from scholars and scientists around the world edited by journalists and dispersed into global discourse through its Creative Commons open publishing model. The website launched in 2011 in Australia and rapidly expanded, with the U.S. edition born in 2014. I wrote an essay for the launch, on the new information environment (, and have been thrilled to see it prosper and expand since. In this Thriving Online chat, you'll meet Beth Daley, editor in chief of the American edition, and Jennifer Weeks, the platform's environment and energy editor. A couple of contributors to The Conversation may join us - and that can include you if you write there. Contact me with the info below. We'll talk about the shifting online landscape for expertise impact, about how to write engagingly while hewing to data. We'll focus a bit on climate, this being Climate Week. (On Friday at 12:30 pm ET, we'll dig deeper on the future of journalism focused on climate change. Details anon here: Contact Andy Revkin at [email protected] or on Twitter via @revkin

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