Past Event

Somos.—Politics, Memory, and the Work of Fiction

July 20, 2021
1:00 PM

Somos. is a Netflix series created by James Schamus, based on reporting by Ginger Thompson.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Ginger Thompson’s oral history of a little-known 2011 massacre in the Mexican border town of Allende, and of the role the U.S. government played in triggering it, serves as the basis for James Schamus’s fictional Netflix series (available starting June 30). Co-written with television writer Mónika Revilla and novelist Fernanda Melchor (Hurricane Season), Somos. poses thorny and pressing questions about the ethics of fictionalizing real—and often traumatic—events for mass consumption. Melchor joins Thompson and Schamus, along with scholars Karl Jacoby and Renzo Aroni, in discussing the risks and challenges faced in turning such stories into mainstream entertainment.