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How We Listen to...The Kickstarter Union Oral History Podcast

March 27, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Online Event

Join OHAC online for the first How We Listen session, a new event series focused on sharing oral history audio from our deep and wide archives. Let’s figure out what it means to really hear the stories people tell when gifting the world with their oral history.

This is the first How We Listen session with Clarissa Redwine, creator, producer and host for the podcast, Kickstarter Union Oral History. Clarissa is a former Kickstarter employee and was on the ground for the unionization drive.

Clarissa and Kimberly Springer, Curator for the Oral History Collections at Columbia University, will discuss the ins and outs of producing this ten-part podcast that documents the formation of one of the first white-collar unions in the tech field.

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