Keeping Columbia’s Community Health Compact

To ensure the continued health and safety of the Columbia community and our neighbors, the University requires everyone living, studying, or working in or near any of our campuses to abide by our Enhanced Health and Safety Policy and the Columbia University Health Compact.

We are all part of one community and this Compact as well as everyone’s commitment to it, will help keep our neighbors and the Columbia community healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signage throughout our campuses and other reminders are designed to ensure that everyone entering campus or using campus buildings is aware of the University’s expectations regarding face coverings, physical distance, and other requirements; how to find more information; and how to Report a Violation.

Tips for Encouraging Others to Follow Safety Guidelines

Stepping In

It can feel uncomfortable to ask someone to put on their face covering or keep physical distance. Yet it’s so important—by following the Columbia Community Health Compact, we’re all doing our part to reduce the risk of transmission for ourselves and others. This commitment reflects the extraordinary degree to which we’re dependent on each other to remain healthy.

Each of us plays a role in upholding the Community Health Compact. If any of us notices that someone isn’t following the guidance, we should ask that person to follow through with the Compact when possible, recognizing that interpersonal considerations may affect the decision to step in.

Always remember that your own personal safety concerns are important when deciding if you will address someone.

Visit Stepping In for quick tips for encouraging others to follow Columbia’s safety policies.

Report a Violation

Not everyone will be willing to follow your advice, no matter how thoughtfully you approach them. Some people may even take offense to you trying to help. If someone appears to be angry and the situation begins to escalate, please walk away and, if needed, seek help from a friend or colleague.

To report a violation, use the following resources:

Columbia Public Safety

University Life

You can also submit a report or concern with the “report an incident” button on the University Life website.

Anyone who refuses to follow the health and safety policy after being asked to do so by an appropriate authority will be asked to leave Columbia’s campus. For Columbia affiliates who fail to adhere to the University’s policies, disciplinary action may be taken.

Thank you for all that you are doing to keep our community healthy.