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Current Construction Activity

April 2013 Construction FAQ (pdf)
April 2013 Construction Update (pdf)

Central Energy Plant Boiler Stacks Installation

Slurry Wall and Foundation

Abatement and Demolition

Manhattan Valley Viaduct Preparation Work

Construction Activity Archive

Construction Schedule

The initial phase of development will include the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, the Lenfest Center for the Arts, a new home for the Columbia Business School, and an academic conference center. Later phases will emphasize interdisciplinary scholarship, including biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, systems biology, and urban and population studies, as well as housing for graduate students and faculty.

Contact Information

Should you have a question about construction activity, we encourage you to call the Columbia University Facilities Services Center at (212) 854-2222 or e-mail

Construction Updates

Construction Activities for the Weeks of:
October 6 and October 13, 2014

What is happening

Abatement and Demolition

  • Abatement and demolition is planned at select University-owned buildings within the block bordered by Broadway, West 125th Street and West 129th Streets. Abatement work is complete.
  • Install sidewalk bridge and fence/barriers in preparation for future demolition. Sidewalk bridges will be erected in the parking lanes in front of the demolition site, which includes parking lane of W125th (between Broadway and W129th streets), and the parking lane of Broadway (between W125th and W129th Street). The bus stop on W125 will be shifted 150 feet West (towards W129th St.) and the bus stop on Broadway will remain at or near its present location.
  • Full building demolition is expected to begin in early November after permits are issued by the NYC department of buildings. Minor hand demolition of select parapet walls will be completed in advance of full building demolition.
  • Full building demolition will include weekend work. West 129th Street will be closed when full building demolition is occurring. It is expected that weekend demolition work will involve one to two weekends in early November.

Jerome L. Greene Science Center

  • Masonry is being completed in below grade levels. Epoxy painting of below grade perimeter walls.
  • Structural framing, decking and concrete of SC3 level (below grade)
  • Installation of MEP piping and ductwork on below grade levels through 7th floor
  • Glass facade panels are being installed on 1st floor
  • Framing and sheetrock of interior partitions is being installed on 3rd through 5th floors
  • Roofing work is being installed on 8th through 10th floors
  • Exterior framing of mechanical penthouse
  • Elevator equipment is being installed
  • Radiant perimeter heating and secondary slab pour installation on 3rd through 9th floors

Lenfest Center for the Arts

  • Install metal decks on 2nd through 8th floors
  • Steel frame topped out
  • East stairs are completed to the 8th floor and west stairs completed to 6th floor
  • Hoist complete and approved for operation
  • Installation of CEP stand pipe plumbing up to the 7th floor
  • Curtain wall assembly has begun
  • Concrete poured on second level
  • Reinforcing bars (rebar) being installed on 4th floor

West 130th Street Work (between Broadway and 12th Avenue)

  • Installation of new structure in a portion of the area below grade that will allow for future development. Additionally, this structure will support the new street construction that consists of new road pavement, sidewalks, curbs, utilities and street lighting.
  • Construction of concrete retaining walls
  • Installation of waterproofing at concrete deck and retaining walls

-Please note that all activities are subject to change based on weather and other field conditions-

What to expect

Construction Activity

  • Regular work hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday work hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Steel deliveries to the site

Temporary Traffic and Transportation Impacts

  • No standing on West 129th Street between Broadway and West 125th Street
  • West 130th Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue is anticipated to remain closed until the summer of 2015
  • West 131st Street has been reopened. There is one eastbound and one westbound lane open.
  • There is a no parking zone in effect on the west side of Broadway from 129th to 131st Streets.

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